Knowledge is Power. We Give Producers More of Both.

Record management and analysis are valuable tools that provide a clear, measurable view of a swine operation’s performance and profit — and potential ways to improve them.

From sows to wean/finish, our sophisticated analytical capabilities can help producers identify strengths, challenges and opportunities. By comparing an operation’s data to other relevant industry benchmarks, we evaluate pig performance to help the producer to be more competitive. We also offer valuable financial advice on important topics such as ownership options, bookkeeping, feasibility studies, futures contracts and cash-flow projections.

In other words, Standard Nutrition Services and Pork Vision Innovative Management Solutions help to ensure that the investments a producer makes will generate returns that contribute to the sustainability of the operation and its ongoing success.

We can help a producer to:

  • Generate reports specific to the operation today and over time
  • Access information necessary to make informed decisions and simplify planning
  • Track and measure production and efficiency
  • Assess the impact of any changes in rations, practices or conditions
  • Identify long- and short-term trends and make necessary adjustments
  • Enhance the operation’s true value