Standard Nutrition Company consists of Standard Dairy Consultants, Standard Nutrition Services, AC Nutrition, Bluebonnet Feeds and Ag Property Solutions. This allows us to provide focused support and products to some of the most successful dairy, swine, beef and poultry producers.

Standard Dairy Consultants: From herd development to milk production, the nutritionists at Standard Dairy Consultants work with independent dairy producers and their businesses, observing the farms, assessing records and providing recommendations and guidance.

Standard Nutrition Services: The consultants of Standard Nutrition Services develop specialized nutritional programs and consult with producers to address the nutritional and management needs of their clients’ livestock.

AC Nutrition: Nutrition science, specie-specific expertise and an understanding of diverse feeding environments has made AC Nutrition one of the leading providers of high-quality animal supplements in the High Plains, ensuring animals receive the nutrients they need to excel.

Bluebonnet Feeds: Providing superior feeds and supplements for equine, ruminants, poultry and swine as well as companion and specialty animals, Bluebonnet Feeds markets products primarily through dealers for retail sale. Specie-specific formulations ensure nutritional health and exceptional performance.

Ag Property Solutions helps livestock producers with their facility needs. We offer new construction, remodeling, 24/7 service, and two well-stocked supply warehouses to help you achieve your goals.