The year was 1886 when veterinarian F.E. Sanborn first approached American family farmers, introducing nutritional supplements for homegrown feedstuffs. The farmers used his supplements, their productivity increased and The F.E. Sanborn Company—now known as Standard Nutrition Company—was born.

In the beginning, we focused on nutritional supplements. It was our mainstay, and we excelled at it. As the years passed, we demanded more from ourselves. We developed feeding strategies and helped producers achieve better health, faster gains and higher milk production. The results propelled us forward.

Today, we work with producers offering nutritional products based on the latest research and a solid understanding of their business. Our consultants are industry experts with species-specific knowledge, and producers value our commitment to building successful partnerships that achieve results.

As our producers’ needs continue to evolve, we will, too. Our pioneering spirit is alive and well.