The Proof is in the P’s.

Production, Performance and Profitability. That’s what our clients can expect from Standard Nutrition Services and Pork Vision. We realize that our value is measured by the results our team delivers.

We also know that to achieve those benefits we have to be the best in the business. That means working alongside producers to understand their needs, and then to continually provide products and advice, which actually make better performance and higher profits a reality, not just some vague promise.

Benefits of Working with Us

Improved Productivity

By offering a portfolio of management guidance and customized strategies, our consultants and supporting staff are able to help producers with virtually every aspect of their operation: feeding, health, environment, marketing, risk management, employee development, and on and on. That can translate to more pigs per sow, healthier animals, better production and improved profitability.

Improved Performance

Weaning more pigs is just one step – we must be efficient to really make a difference. We develop health and nutrition programs which help to assure that our customers’ animals convert feed effectively while gaining lean weight quickly and consistently.

Improved Profitability

The combination of increased productivity and enhanced growth performance results in a stronger bottom line. It’s a simple but powerful business formula: more money earned, more profit realized.

Improved Peace of Mind

With Standard Nutrition Services and Pork Vision on their side, producers gain the confidence of having a wealth of additional expertise and resources available whenever they need support.