Producers are the center of all we do.

At Standard Dairy Consultants, we understand that you measure our value by the results our people deliver. The most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry, our consultants know how to apply their knowledge to your specific operation in ways that directly impact your efficiency, your performance and, ultimately, your profitability. They also understand that the only way to be good at what they do is to develop a good working relationship with you. You’ll find them to be a regular fixture at your farm as they get to know you, your people and your herd.

Benefits You'll See

Improving Herd Productivity, Health & Longevity

Feed In Hands

By developing and implementing a nutrition program with your Standard Dairy Consultants specialist, you’re able generate greater returns from your feed costs in the form of improved herd health and longevity.

From protein nutrition, minerals and vitamins to water quality, feeding management and forage, our specialists help you take into account the specific issues impacting your herd so you can use your feeding program to optimize intake, reduce susceptibility to problems and enhance performance.

Improved Reproductive Performance

Depending on your goals concerning your herd’s reproduction, your Standard Dairy Consultant specialist is a great resource for nutritional recommendations that are specifically designed to establish and maintain pregnancy in lactating cows. From fertility issues to various phases of pregnancy, calving and post-partum, our specialists understand how to adjust feed and formulations to improve and maintain animal health.

By doing so, you can improve animal health, minimize problems that persist throughout the reproductive cycle and enable the cows to successfully advance to the different stages, making recovery and return to productivity an easier transition.

Fast Ration Turnaround Times

It’s one thing to have an adviser that understands your operation and needs. It is quite another when that adviser shares the same sense of urgency you do when caring for your enterprise. That is precisely what you can expect with Standard Dairy Consultants nutritionists.

Highly skilled and knowledgeable, they understand how to apply their expertise to collect information and return recommendations in an efficient timeframe. So whether you are responding to changes in your herd, implementing new production strategies or reevaluating current practices, you have the commitment you need from your Standard Dairy nutritionist — in time that enables you to act.

Increased Profitability

Profit is the driver of any organization. Standard Dairy Consultant advisors understand this and what it takes to assist producers in maximizing profits using homegrown feeds and choosing the correct ingredients to supplement these ingredients. Whether you want to optimize profit by boosting production, improving reproduction, increasing animal longevity or other aspects of your operation, your Standard consultant will understand your goals and help you achieve those goals.