Guidance you can take to the bank.

The animal business is actually a people business. Successful pork and poultry production depends on unique individuals whose intelligence and experience goes into the decision making on your farm.

At Standard Nutrition Services and Pork Vision, the strength of our company is our people. Based on our value of outstanding personal service and trusted relationships, we employ industry professionals with the ideal balance of know-how and attitude. Through our special partnership approach, we work alongside producers to thoroughly understand their particular situation and business mindset. With this strategy we can think and function as one.

Our team members average over 25 years of production experience. We use all of that collective knowledge and insight to cost-effectively tailor a comprehensive package of services that specifically addresses the needs of each producer’s system. It starts with getting to know your operation’s strategies and ends with generating results.

Feeding Strategies

With feed being the largest expense for most producers, it’s naturally a key focus for Standard Nutrition Services’ Consultants.

Our knowledgeable nutrition experts carefully evaluate each operation and then make objective best-cost feeding recommendations for that facility and production system. Using advanced diet formulation software, we use critical information such as growth rates, carcass leanness, environment, genetics and health to build the right program for each farm. We strive to meet the producer’s objectives and optimize the cost of production.

Our diet formulations and feeding recommendations are customized for each particular operation’s needs and goals. Once the nutrition program is implemented, we review it on a regular basis for feed price changes and adjust as needed. It all adds up to optimizing performance and productivity.

Housing Strategies

By partnering with producers, and closely observing their practices and facilities, our consultants at Standard Nutrition Services and Pork Vision can effectively evaluate your operation’s environment. That enables us to recognize and identify areas for improvement.

Whether it’s ventilation, temperature, flooring, feed/water equipment, curtains or some other component, our experts can help a producer develop and implement plans to optimize animal health and management at every stage from breeding to weaning to finishing.

Feed Sampling & Analysis

Standard Nutrition Services and Pork Vision help producers succeed by eliminating guesswork. Our consultants rely on the most up-to-date scientific processes and technology to analyze feed ingredients and rations to confirm the animals have the ideal balanced diet at every phase, that are cost effective.

The bottom line is by applying this information we help producers to raise healthy, heavy pigs—from this generation to the next.