Striving to Better our Best.

Part of our philosophy at Standard Nutrition Services and Pork Vision is that a group of talented people, working together, can accomplish more than an individual working alone. We take great pride in having some of the most experienced consultants in the swine industry. We also know there’s always room for improvement.

With that in mind, we work closely with other industry leaders and organizations to ensure we have all the resources to make a swine operation successful and profitable. Our useful alliances include:


We maintain many trusted, long-standing relationships with companies that provide the ingredients used in the dietary formulations we develop and recommend to our clients.


By staying connected to university research and extension specialist updates, we help producers react to trends or changes in animal diseases, feed ingredients, nutritional issues and much more.


Many other industry professionals – such as ag engineers, geneticists, veterinarians, and others – work closely with us to offer key insights into their specialized areas, which can then be strategically applied to a producer’s operation.