Because you have to consider everything.

Experienced experts, the specialists at Standard Dairy Consultants understand that animal health, reproduction, herd composition, feeding behaviors, routines, local conditions and your production goals all play a role. That’s why they spend time at your dairy. Not just every now and again, but often and regularly, seeing how you work, your processes and practices, your records and results—and your operational strategies and desired outcomes. Only then will they provide you with independent recommendations and observations based on facts not quotes about feeds and supplements that make the best use of home grown and other feed ingredients, while directly addressing the issues that impact your production results.

Animal Grouping Strategies

Grouping strategies are unique to each dairy operation and depend on the preferences of the dairy producer, facility, available feeds and economics. Over-feeding low producers and under-feeding top producers can increase your cost of production and decrease your output. Make the most efficient and effective use of your feed resources for optimum milk production, if it fits your management style.

Based on your preferences, your herd history and your facilities, we can help you to determine the size and composition of the groups, according to:


milking parlor size and the availability of barns and corrals


dry cows, heifers and age of cows


ability to deliver different rations to different groups of cows

Other Considerations

average days in milk and reproductive goals

Once groups have been determined, cows can be fed more precisely taking into account the makeup of each group, the nutrients required, the availability and type of homegrown feedstuffs and the production goals of each group. In doing so, you’re able to ensure they receive the nutrients required, without waste. In addition, you’re able to reduce the over excretion of nutrients.

Continued record evaluations and on-the-ground observations ensure your program is working. Because our specialist is a reliable member of your team, you’re also able to monitor results and modifications in response to any changes in performance, conditions or your operational goals.

Planting & Harvesting Recommendations

Efficient forage production and feeding are key to lowering the cost of feed, ensuring the availability of high-quality feedstuffs, enhancing overall health and milk production and ultimately improving the profitability of your operation.

We have a vested interest in the planting and harvesting plan that fits the requirements of your herd and reflects the growing conditions you face. What to plant and when to harvest; chopping and packing; and storage and feeding practices that optimize yields contribute to nutrient management and increase palatability.

Animal nutrition and management specialists, our consultants are also able to integrate this knowledge into your overall feeding program, recommending ingredients that meet the nutritional requirements of your herd or those of individual animal groups.

Should you need to respond to local growing conditions, such as drought or excess precipitation, they can provide you with the resources and recommendations you need to ensure your goals for production and profitability are met.

Feedstuff Sampling & Analysis

Good nutrition is one of the key drivers in milk production and overall animal health.

Since 1886, Standard Dairy Consultants has specialized in nutrition science—knowing what animals need and identifying the most cost-effective ways of giving it to them.

Proper feedstuff sampling and analysis allows you to routinely have your feedstuffs tested to determine the nutrient value of individual ingredients, as well as the total mixed ration quality. You and your Standard Dairy Consultant specialist can develop a feeding program based on the results, taking into account the needs of your herd, available feedstuffs and the production and reproduction goals of your operation.

Even beyond ingredients and formulations, Standard Dairy Consultants feedstuffs sampling and analysis provides important information about dispersion, so you know if it is mixed adequately and correctly to deliver the maximum nutritional value to your animals—efficiently and cost-effectively.